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Advancing the Kingdom Training


Charis is the Greek work for grace which means God’s favor shown to the utterly undeserving.  This says that God was under no obligation to save man, but that salvation is a bounty from Him, not a reward for merit.

Grace is distinguished from the law in that grace is for sin, where sin doth abound, grace doth much more abound.  This means that sin will never be deeper, wider or greater than the power of God’s grace.

    • How does this Grace look on a person?
    • How does it look on a marriage?
    • How does it look on a companion?
    • How does it look on a child?

Grace looks like Jesus the Christ, Son of the Living God.

These are major areas of concerns that affect how people respond to each other.  A lack of this grace power over one’s life produces unintended conflict that proves problematic in all areas of relationships and commitment.


Preparation Requires Faith
Whenever there is a promise connected to fulfilling a charge preparation is vital and is required. Therefore, preparation that is structured is designed to  be passed on to another through the use of Wisdom that applies discretion, knowledge, policy, prudence and sense.

There are three necessary components of preparation are:

  1. Follow what has already been established
  2. Correct the error that caused misalignment
  3. Move forward in explicit detail without fear


Replacing the Ordinary with the Best
“The Glory of Zion”

Wealth is a free gift of God, a sign of God’s grace given generously and without merit. However, there must be a balance concerning wealth. There are three promises to be gained from this paradigmatic perspective on wealth:

  1. God Promised that he would be with us
  2. God Promised that we would be His people, He would be our God
  3. God Promised the land would be ours



“The result of Fervent Prayer”
Christians need perseverance to:

  1. Face opposition with courage – This occurs as a result of consistency in prayer
  2. Endure when you enter great attacks – This requires training in the ways of God, the same as an athlete would train for competition
  3. Defeat discouragement – Sometimes considered the most vulnerable of attacks that leads to failure

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